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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Up The Spiral Staircase Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Up The Spiral Staircase
original plein air watercolor w/ barn, silo: 9" x 12"

Good Vibrations
i love the way
on a late august day
 the sun reaches down
to gather around
my sunflower girls
with their gold-yellow curls
and their skirts made of leaves
swaying in the breeze...
the birds of the air
and the insects working there
create a vibration
a vibrato celebration
as they all harmonize
their praise to the skies...
i’m thankful to be
by this shimmering sea
and grateful to hear

this music of the spheres
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Sophie's Sweet Talkin' Friends Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Sophie's Sweet Talkin' Friends
original watercolor landscape w/figure, pony, burrow : 10" x 14"

Sophie and I 
are asking you-all
are buttercups high in cholesterol?
they glisten like butter
in their gold-yellow clusters
we think they’d taste great
and we’d be well fed
if we used them as spread
on our jelly bread
wouldn’t popcorn just popped
be better with hot
melted buttercups drizzled
all over the top?
is lobster that’s baked
in buttercup paste  
richer in flavor
more pleasing to taste?
Sophie and I
just giggled and said
we think that we’ll paint

her new friends instead!
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Monday, August 7, 2017

The Boettcher House Plein Air Watercolors by Bertie Brown

The Boettcher House
original en plein air watercolor: the Boettcher House: 10"x 14"

and this is the question
can I toss intention
and renounce all strife
at this stage of life?
could I, if you please,
watch daytime TV
munch crackers and brie
sip Long Isle Iced Teas
would I, do you see,

be happy with ease??

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Conspiring Com-Posers Sunflower Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Conspiring Com-Posers
original watercolor sunflowers: 9" x 14"

 The Alley Rally
The Golden Girls have gathered to rally
Around my backyard 
The Sunflower Alley
Bending down to admire
All the portraits they inspired
“Ooh yes, I see
That one looks like me!”
They all nod to agree
And reminisce nostalgically
Remember back in the day
We had our young
And frivolous ways
We listened to be-bop
While catching sun-drops
 “Those were the days, my friend
We thought they'd never end”…
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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Com-Posers Sunflower Watercolors by Bertie Brown

original watercolor sunflowers: 9" x12"

Summer Blues Cruise
there’s plenty to do 
in summer it’s true
but sometimes I must
simply adjust
my take on all work
and shirk all that work
take time to relax
look forward, think back
embrace solitude
lighten my mood
it’s summertime blues

a rumination cruise
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Friday, July 28, 2017

Com-Posers Sunflower Watercolors by Bertie Brown

original watercolor sunflowers: 10" x 14" / 9" x 12"

Gossip Girls
The sunflower girls are gettin’ together for lunch
And gossip and news at the “Cafe Munch Bunch”.
The menu for today's Sunflower Brunch:
Bumble Bee Burgers and Golden Finch Fries
For dessert: Butterfly Splits and Dragonfly Pies....
So do not tarry, don't be late

For this fine midday tete-a-tete!
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Com-Posers Watercolors by Bertie Brown

original: 9" x 12"
Green Acres
original watercolor landscape en plein air w/barn, fields: 9" x 12"

What HO!
Say it’s not so
that sound that i hear
humming tunes that i fear
and what’s that i see
in the scene before me
a dry sculpted shell
of a locust…what the ‘L?
it’s just but July
my mind fairly cries
i need lots more time
and summer sunshine
what solace i find
in sunflowers is mine
so locusts, you stop
your late summer talk
my backyard’s all dressed
and dandied it’s best
so let me enjoy

my well deserved rest
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Workshop WorkOut Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Watercolor Portraits Workshop
press on, you say
so that’s what I do
not cease and desist
that’s never okay…
to break through the fray
you gotta hang tough
and paint every day

talent’s just not enough

Friday, July 21, 2017

Donkey-Oaty Watercolors by Bertie Brown

original watercolor donkey: 8" x 10"

there’s more to see
from Studio B
‘cause there’s never enuff
paintings of stuff
a nosey donkey
i trust he's in vogue

for upscale art shows!
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cookin' Com-Posers Sunflower Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Cookin' Com-Posers
original watercolor sunflowers: 12" x 12"

Goldfinch Grinch
My sunflower girls
Never use my sunblock 
Nor do they apply
 Suntan lotion a lot
They’re naturally golden
Their brown faces boastin’
Their fearless devotion
To sunshine in motion
But there are some days
They have to confess
A shot of pest spray
Would be their best bet
For shoo-ing away 
Gold finches of prey
‘Cause finches 
Are Grinches
As they yank pull and splay
The petals and bonnets
My sunflowers boast
In my poems and sonnets
Why couldn’t they just

Gather seeds without fuss.... 
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Lititz Art Show July 29 : 9 - 5 NO RAIN ALLOWED!

Posers in the Park
Here we come
Chargin’ to the park
we’re gonna get there real early
While it’s still pretty dark
Hey, hey we’re the ‘Posers’
We’ve got a lot of work yet to do
We have to sell ourselves all to you
So we better get hangin’

Ourselves in the Bertie Brown Booth!
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Crimson Com-Poser Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Crimson Com-Poser
original watercolor sunflowers: 9" x 12"

Cavalier about Cheer
my sunflower girls 
have got to admit
they long for a world
where they could just sit
they’ve got but one shoe
though it’s a great fit
a minute without it
would help quite a bit
their long leggy-ness
can cause some back strain
a slight dizzy-ness
and dull aching pain
but stand there they do
displaying such cheer
for one month or two
this time of the year
it’s quite cavalier

and exhausting, I fear!
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Leader of the Pack Sunflower Watercolors by Bertie Brown

The Leader of the Pack
original watercolor sunflowers: 9" x 12"

Sophie and i 
in summertime mode
are sitting beside
a sunflower abode
a garden, of course
where we plan to stay
with no great remorse
for past cooler days
‘cause we’ve got our paints
our brushes and such
our sun hats in place
and posers? a bunch!
so here’s where we’ll be
come sun or a storm
we’ll work happily

our summertime  ‘norm’!
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Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Little Red Haired Girl Watercolors by Bertie Brown

The Little Red-Haired Girl
original watercolor sunfl0wers: 10" x 14"

The Summer Time Strut
My sunflower girls 
are struttin’ their stuff
YAYY, summer is here
and rain, THAT’S enough!
we’ve fine’ly got heat
I love it, do you?
it took LONG in comin’
but what can ya do...
now Sophie and I
will work en plein air
we’ll paint while they pose

with plenty of flair!
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Susque-Hammock Plein Air Watercolors by Bertie Brown

original plein air watercolorat Wrightsville, PA: 9" x 12"

Summer Solstice
'tis mid-summer too soon
what happened to June?
and July’s on the run
yet it’s hardly begun!
i don’t know about you
but I’m gonna assume
you’re distraught just like me
‘cause we love summer’s ease
i’m thinking we might
have to put up a fight
so when summertime ends

let’s begin it again
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Bick Blick Exhibit, Allentown PA Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Dick Blick Art Store in Allentown, PA July Exhibit:
the last 3 paintings on the right are Bertie Browns!
if you're in the area, stop by and vote for your favorite!

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

It's Poser Time! Watercolors by Bertie Brown

It's Poser Time!
original watercolor still life w/Sunflowers: 9" x 12"

Cold Front
The windows I’m closin’
my sunflowers need  hosin’
it’s blisterin hot
not one cold spot
‘cept here in the store
by the ice cream freezer door
where I pretend to stock up
on creamsicle pops
but truth to be told
it’s just good to feel cold!

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Bloomin' June Plein Air Watercolors by Bertie Brown

 Lemon Yellow
Bloomin' June
original plein air watercolors w/Conestoga House  Sunroom and Gardens: 9" x 12"

the June flower guild
is in this backyard
it’s a wallflower farm
with plenty of charm
there’s rose in the glow
of this sumptuous show
as the finches and bees
in their feasting agree
so let’s have some fun
before summer’s done
we’ve one month or two
to enjoy the view!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Poser Patrol Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Poser Patrol
original watercolor still life w/sunflowers: 8" x 10"

Summer Bliss
My windows are open
Cool breezes are flowin’
My curtains are flirtin'
With the sill and the sash 
This is the way
A fine summer day
Ought always to be 
For two months or three....
Suites me perfectly

I bet you’d agree!
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