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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sticks and Licks Watercolors by Daily Painter Bertie Brown - Art is Instrumental

Sticks and Licks

drawing:18" x 22"

in the beginning

I had a thought

then came a drawing

twas all that I sought

now here’s the big thing

will I paint with style

those woodwindy sticks

or just have a quick

lollipop lick

or munch on a thick

black licorice whip


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Monday, January 23, 2012

Quints Jam Watercolors by Daily Painter Bertie Brown - Art is Instrumetnal

Quints' Jam

original watercolor with woodwind quintet: 14" x 17"

licorice whips

and lollipop licks

glasses and globes

and woodwind also

it’s relative you know

but one thing’s for sure

this group needs a horn

with full rounded bore

to balance the sound

of notes up and down

and licorice whips

are relative links

to lollipop on sticks


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baubles and Bells Watercolors by Bertie Brown - Art is Instrumental

cheers to beginnings

for 2000-1-2

I do hope my paintings

turn out well, I do

so here’s to good starts

whatever they be

as wet paper + paint

spread out before me

may each have a touch

of magic I trust

as I skillfully

wield my paint brush!


Baubles and Bells

original watercolor musical motif: 17" x 17"

the same


yet different

so now

I’m gonna move on

to another, without

a horn, as no doubt

twill be easier left out!


Baubles and Bells

original watercolor musical motif with horn: 17" x 20"

so now it’s done

and I had fun

‘though there were some

solutions that

to be exact

were just a tad

surprising, so

I really hope

it’s fit to show

if not, you’ve got

to let me know......


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Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's All Relative Watercolors by Bertie Brown - Art is Instrumental

It's All Relative

original watercolor musical motif w/drums, piano, trumpet, guitars: 17" x 11"

It’s relative-ly

a new work, you see

with something that’s old

a shape big and bold

and some that are new

with int’resting blues

borrowed from yet

a past series set


it sounds just like

a pre-wedding sight!


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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cor-nucopia/Horns' A-Plenty Watercolors by Bertie Brown - Art is Instrumental

Cor-nucopia/Horn's A-Plenty

original watercolor still life w/horns: 22" x 17"

there’s def’nitely

a space for me

in this new year

and here I see

some horns indeed

and crayons too

and other stuff creatively

posing quite rela-tively

so on I’ll press

toward the mark

of ending well

a well thought start


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