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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Com-posers Series Impressionistic Watercolor Floral/ Sunflowers by Pennsylvania Daily Painter Bertie Brown

Eggplant Avenue

original watercolor eggplant: 5 1/2"w x 9"h

Eggplant Avenue

Sophie and I

went out for a walk

on this very fine day

we walked as we talked

we had plenty to say

we passed by a sign post

that pointed the way

to Eggplant Avenue

we had to investigate

(we think you would too)

we spotted a dinner plate

with a deep purple hue

reflecting the image

of an eggplant or two

so proud of its plumage

we knew what to do

now it’s posing quite fine

(we’ll be done real soon)

we paint its design

first on one work, then two

and we call our new line

Eggplant Avenue


Eggplant Avenue
original watercolor eggplant: 51/2"w x 7"h


original watercolor abstract/dried sunflowers: 5"w x 7"h

Stunning Conclusions

here at last

the stunning conclusion

to their storied past

there’s no confusin’

those wild and crazy girls

now with spiky brittle

and styleless curls

their skirts a jumble

of twisted brown leaves

how easily they crumble

yet still they cleave

to those good ol’ summer days

when they danced the lindy-hop

in their fancy free way

they were the queens of be-bop

with nary a care

nor thought for the morrow

those girls, savoir faire

had no regrets nor sorrows

with curls unfurled

and skirts that flew

they dipped and twirled

on their well heeled shoe

I sure do miss them

I wonder, will you?


Egg-ceptional Eggplants

original watercolor eggplant: 5"w x 7"h

Egg-ceptional Eggplant

Sophie said, “Let’s do a painting today

We’ll use some veggies

With plenty to say

There at the groc’ry store

Dark and demure

Eggplants so purple

Their beauty secure...

Yes, let’s buy them

Not to fry them

But to show the world

Their outspoken beauty

It’s really our duty

To capture their deep.....

Dark sheen!


Black Eyed Suzie Floozies

original watercolor floral/black eyed susans: 7 1/2"w x 10"h

Sophie's Suzies

Our black eyed suzies

are still quite the floozies

as they keep hangin on

while singin’ their swan song

we know they won’t last

‘bout a day and a half

but while they are here

they give us great cheer

as we try not to fear

that coldest time of year

when Sophie and I

will snuggle up inside

with the paintings we have done

under the golden summer sun


Black Eyed Suzie Floozie
original watercolor floral/black eyed susan: 5"w x 7"h

Brew With A View

original watercolor still life with bottles, pumpkins, seed pods

Brew With a View

We’ll gather up a pumpkin, one or two

Find some old bottles of witch’s brew

Add dried seed pods, only a few

Set on a table and sill with a view

It’s a still life painting

That’s waiting

For you!


4 Simple Symphonies

original watercolor floral/black eyed susans: 7"w x 11"h

a simple symphony for baby M

a small work of art

to celebrate the start

of my new granddaughter’s life

and that’s really quite

a blessing in my life!


Rhythm & Blues

original watercolor still life with pears, bowls, sunflower: 15"w x 16"h


“Rhapsody In Blue” was our music today

Sophie and I thrilled to the opening way

That the clarinet soared

Through that octave and more....

We were immediately on ‘board’!

We hummed along with the tunes

Tap-dancing the whole afternoon

My Sophie, a Rhapsody

In pink tap-dancin’ shoes

Gerschwin and Orchestra

Playin’ his ‘Blues’


My Motif #1

original watercolor maritime seascape/motif #1: 8"w x 11"h

Sophie’s Rockport



fisherman totes

nets, tack

Lobsterman shacks

is any place better?

where’s BB, I’ll ask

and she said to me


what do you see?

steadfast granite rocks

weathered wooden docks

frigid north atlantic

boisterous, frantic...

and Sophie my dear

what do you hear?

cormorants and gulls

a cacophony of calls

tides singing songs

of the sea all day long...

though I am just a novice

BB, I’ve got it

sturdy framed homes

granite popple stones

smoothed and polished

by their beach bathing frolics

buoys with bright stripes

dancing in the light

and motif #1

standing proud in the sun

saluting seafarers

both living and gone

yep, BB and me

we both agree

Rockport by the sea

is the best place to be!


And you all thought floats
Were just sea-farin' blokes.....
Happy Fall Decorating!


original watercolor floral/dried sunflowers: 11"w x 15"h

And So It Goes

Seems the sun has turned a sudden cold shoulder

On our summertime romance,

Apparently now over.....

Gone are those golden sundrops

Dripping warmly on my face

Shivering shadows

Have now taken their place

While cobalt blue breezes

Rustle about,

Announcing the advancing autumnal season,

Teasing my t-shirts,

Taunting my short skirts...

My sun flowers are in ruins

Their beauty in tatters

Seeds, petals...leaves

Tossed about...scattered

So begins the march

Of the soldiering squirrels

As they gather the remains

Of my golden sun girls...

(As quickly as ants

At a picnic, they advance

And I thought finches

Were sunflower grinches!)

So I’m left with the memories

A great golden wall

Where my sunflowers surround me

Standing true, standing tall

But wait

Didn’t that sun just now say?

“I’ll be back”

For next summer’s jitter-bug days!


Poppy Pizzicato

original watercolor floral: 15"w x 11"h


Curvaceous long legs

Popping up from their beds

With ruffled petticoats flouncing

Such perky orange heads!

They do the Pizzicato Polka

It’s the right dance for them

As they twirl and spin around

On those long and curvy stems!


My Motif #1

original watercolor maritime seascape/Motif #1: 7"w x 11"h

My Motif

Lobsterman Lairs

Line historic Bearskin Neck

Quaint little shacks

Where lobstermen store their wares

Buoys, nets, ropes

And traps are stacked there

It’s a place you should know

And if you do go

Let me show you around

‘Cause I love Rockport

Cape Ann’s best coastal town!



original watercolor floral/sunflower on Aqua Boards: various 6"w x 6"h / 5"w x 7"h

Harmonious Libretto

went out for a run

this very fine day

had lots to be done

stuff that gets in the way

of some fun in the sun

but nature’s libretto

called out ceremo-nious

in pleasing vibrato

a sound tremolo-nious

twas something I sought to

experience in perso-nious

and when I got done

on this very fine day

from my run in the sun

I was all tuned up and completely harmo-nious!


original watercolor floral/sunflowers: 17"w x 16"h


original watercolor floral/sunflowers: 12"w x 15"h

Sunflower Girl Friends

I’m glad for late bloomers

as this season ends

each year it comes sooner

with the message it sends

to all of my battered

sunflower girl friends

their dry trembling leaves

are scattered around

as sunflower sheaves

so brittle and brown

soon to be dust

covering the ground

cool winds are approaching

pushing summer aside

with autumn encroaching

I nod and I sigh

There’s no time to fuss

it’s just nature’s way

a fact that I must

embrace every day...


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  1. Thanks, Marian...it's great to have the poetry appreciated along with the painting!