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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lavender Grace Watercolor Still Life with Tea Set and Apple by Pennsylvania Daily Painter Bertie Brown

Black Eyed Suzie Floosies

original watercolor floral still life with Black Eyed Susans: 11"w x 12"h

Confusin' Susans

this heat is confusin’

my black eyed sultry susans

yes they are bendin’ down

ever nearer to the ground

‘cause they know autumn’s waitin’

for its cue to start takin’

over prime weather space

with it’s frosty embrace

and my suzies

those beauties

will all hibernate

till next spring shows its face

and they begin their advance

to a new summer romance



original watercolor floral/sunflowers: 14"w x 11"h

Good Vibrations

I love the way

on a late August day

the sun reaches down

to gather around

my sunflower girls

with their golden yellow curls

and their skirts made of leaves

shimmering in the breeze...

The birds of the air

and the insects working there

create a vibration

a vibrato celebration

as they all harmonize

their praise to the skies...

I’m thankful just to be

by this undulating sea

and honored so to hear

this music of the spheres


Sunflower Alley

original plein air watercolor floral landscape/sunflower fields: 14"w x 11"h

Com-Posers Looking Over

bloomin' sunflowers

makin' me happy

till crisp autumn winds

nippy and snappy

cause me to pine

and feel so unhappy

for that best of all times

the season divine

this painting defines....

summer time

and the livin' was fine!


Black Eyed Suzie Floozies

original watercolor floral still life with Black Eyed Susans: 9"w x 11"h

Black Eyed Suzie Floozies

My Black Eyed Suzies

are stubborn little floozies!

they’re still hangin’ ‘round

though they are bendin’ down

I know they’re just tryin’

to keep me from cryin’

with summer ‘most gone


and the livin’ is easy”

is only a song....

that easy livin’ never lasts too long


Sea Shells or Egg Salad

original watercolor still life with hydrangea, eggs, shells: 16"w x 15"h

Egg Shells

hydrangeas in bloom

conch shells in tune

egg shells in a bowl

fabric waves and folds

A quiet and polite

quaint still life

to remind you of the beach

Or the egg salad

you should eat!


Sophie's Rockport

original watercolor maritime seascape / motif #1: 7"w x 10"h

Sophie’s Rockport



fisherman totes

nets, tack

Lobsterman shacks

is any place better?

where’s BB, I’ll ask

and she said to me


what do you see?

steadfast granite rocks

weathered wooden docks

frigid north atlantic

boisterous, frantic...

and Sophie my dear

what do you hear?

cormorants and gulls

a cacophony of calls

tides singing songs

of the sea all day long...

though I am just a novice

BB, I’ve got it

sturdy framed homes

granite popple stones

smoothed and polished

by their beach bathing frolics

buoys with bright stripes

dancing in the light

and motif #1

standing proud in the sun

saluting seafarers

both living and gone

yep, BB and me

we both agree

Rockport by the sea

is the best place to be!


Musically Inclined
original musical motif watercolor, brass-woodwinds-strings: 13"w x 15"h

Of Kings and Kingdoms

The Brass Kingdom reigns

At the back of the stage

Looking over their subjects

In the rows down below

Now those Woodwinds don’t tow

As they do rightly know

That they have the means

To keep the pitch low

The Strings try to show

Their dominance, don’t ya know

While sitting at the toes

Of the Maestro’s looming pose...

Now a wise conductor knows

The music and musicians

Are the stars of his shows


Buoy Joy

original watercolor still life with buoys, shells, bottle: 14"w x 14 1/2"h

Rockport Fever

Sophie and I

Are planning a trip

To Gloucester and Rockport

And, yes, Bearskin Neck

We’ll gaze at the ocean

Climb over the rocks

Paint Motif Number One

At the edge of the docks

We’ll dip our big toe

In the cold ocean water

Go swimming

Are you kidding???

We’d need to be hotter

We’ll head to Pigeon Cove

Walk the breakwater high above

Then buy some fresh lobster

At the Co-op down below

With more things to do

More scenes to be viewed

We’ll need much more time

Than the plan we designed

So we’re savin’ our pennies

Our nickels and dimes

(We know it’s not much

But we’re tryin’ to rhyme)

For our piece of the Rock

Or a spot on the dock

Of Rockport’s scenic town

The best place we have found......


Chicken Tricks

original drawing with chickens, horn, Spongebob Squarepants: 22"w x 30"h

Chicken Tricks

You can’t be chicken

If you play horn

Unless you’re thinkin’

You’d like a lickin’

When that horn squawks

The right note balks

And you’re asked to walk

With no back talk..


Autumn Serenade
original watercolor still life with pine cones, dried sunflowers:18"w x 22"h

Brew With A View

original watercolor still life with bottles, pumpkins, dried seed pods: 13 1/2"w x 16"h

Brew With a View

We’ll gather up a pumpkin or two

Find some old bottles of witch’s brew

Add dried seed pods, only a few

All on a table and a sill with a view

It’s a still life painting

That’s waiting

For you!


Lavender Grace

original watercolor still life with tea set and apple: 12"w x 11"h

Lavender Grace

A gentle place

For quiet thoughts

And simple talks

A spot of tea

For you and me

Refreshed, renewed

We've work to do

So off we flee

As if in flight

Like the bumble bee!


Sophie’s High Tea

Sophie stopped in

For some tea and a chat

Mommy had the day off

So they were out and about

Doing this thing and that

Sophie sat on my lap

And held her head high

I thought of Emily Post

And manners and etiquette

All things polite

Demure and delicate

Inspired, I could see

Sophie and me

Doing High Tea...

A white china tea pot

Silverware polished

With nary a spot

Pinkies held just so

Sophie’s refinement will show..

We’ll send out invitations

For this festive occasion

Oh, we think we’re so clever

To plan such an elegant

Sophisticated endeavor!


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  1. Thank you for your comment on The Villa. Glad it made you smile. I love lavender. My favorite!

  2. All of your paintings are beautiful! I love "Lavender Grace", "Seashells or Egg Salad". "Sophie's Rockport" and of course, all of the wonderful sunflower paintings. You really are talented with watercolors :)