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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Monday, October 4, 2010

De-Composers Abstract Watercolor Floral/Dried Sunflowers by Pennsylvania Daily Painter Bertie Brown/Art is Instrumental

Musically Inclined / Horn, Trumpet

original musical motif watercolor with horn, trumpet, paint, brushes: 21 1/2"w x 17 1/2"h

Favorite Things

Molly and Ozzie and Sophie and me

Comfy and cozy

And ready to read

Satin hemmed blankets

Tugged up to our chins

These and much more are our favorite things...

Cabled wool sweaters

Are just right for me

Fleece is much better

For Sophie’s soft cheek

Long runs and brisk walks

Short stories and long talks

Warm milk for Sophie

And sweet tea for me....

Mozart and Beethoven

Bach and Bartok

Dancing and singing

To classics and pop

Playing the French Horn

I liked that a lot

These and much more

Are our favorite things.....

When cold winds blow

And the skies snow

And we get the blues

We pick up our brushes

Our paper and paints

And paint till those blues

We loose!

BB ’10

Rockport by the Sea

original watercolor maritime seascape: 11"w x 14"h

Symphony in Sea Major

Lobster buoys afloat

Lighthouses as beacons

Decorating the coast

Sublime northern light

Enveloping the sights

While dancing on tides

Tossing boats and floats

From side to side

Cormorants and gulls

Line up on the rocks

By the boats, or the docks

As they noisily wait

For some leftover bait

Granite boulders edge the shores

Firm foundations that endure

An applauding boisterous sea

What a glorious symphony


our newest addition, Annabelle Frances


A is for Annabelle

and for addition

B is for BB

who’s newest submission

is C for cousin

Sophie, that’s you!

D is for delight

and double, too

who would have guessed

my boys having girls

so yes, I’m twice blessed

“What a Wonderful World”!


Pear and Pomegranate Promenade

original watercolor still life with pears and pomegranates: 30"w x 22"h


Let the pear and pomegranate

Promenade begin

Over Matisse inspired fabric

They all march in

Three Pears in a bowl

That’s my grandma’s, really old

The bottle behind

Dates back to an earlier time

The spoon in the foreground

Brings us right in

The stripes in the background

Keep our eye down

And all of these elements

Keep our eye traveling

Around and around.


Beethoven Blues

original watercolor still life with pears, bowls, sunflower: 21"w x 22"h

Beethoven Blues

a Beethoven Symphony

alive on CD

ever bold and fresh

as a chill autumn breeze

a sunflower sketch

my final Com-poser

joins with a quints’ jam

of pears with slight shoulders

one bottle, two bowls

fabric patterns and folds

'neath my favorite glass

and wouldn’t you know

there down below

tramps that trusty old ass

(well donkey, you know

doesn’t rhyme with my glass)

and so it all goes

as Beethoven ends

with the tune “Ode to Joy”

true success all depends

on surviving pop trends...


Pears Beware

original watercolor still life with pears: 10"w x 10"h

Pears Beware

2 +2+1

5 pears basking in the sun

with their work

and fun now done

I will eat them

1 by 1



Pears Beware

original watercolor still life with pears: 7"w x 11"h

Musically Inclined/Piano
original watercolor musical motif/piano: 14"w x 11"h

Symphony Night at the Fulton

original watercolor musical motif/orchestra

Bravo! Symphony Sophie

Sophie and I

are Symphony bound

it’s our first try

at a concert in town

the program is unique

and kinda’ profound

with Sibelius, Dvorak

and a new guy, Marquez

the theater is grand

Sophie gazed around

then sat herself down

and gave Maestro a hand

when the music began

a horn spoke up

next a woodwind or two

and wonder of wonders

the bass trombone crooned

when the strings joined in

the percussion said wait

you need our rhythm

as the score clearly states

so with energy and style

the orchestra creates

a haven for a while

where we can go

to hear, sing and dream

until the last note

when we shout Bravo!


original watercolor floral/sunflowers: 6"w x 9"h
original watercolor floral/sunflower


original watercolor floral/sunflowers: &'w x 11"h

De- C0mPoser

my lean and mean posers

can’t seem to get over

those past days of glory

their pose tells the story

so poignant and true

of lost beauty and youth

and innocence too,,,

yet still they stands tall

daring us all

to salute this new age

as a ‘maturity’ phase

with dignity and wisdom

and especially grace...


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