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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Friday, March 4, 2011

Watercolors by Pennsylvania Daily Painter Bertie Brown - Art is Instrumental


original watercolor still life with violin, oranges: 15"w x 18"h

What could Matisse say

about “L’Orangerie”

would he just click his tongue

say this work is fun

and call it a day

then pick up and play

that small violin

in his unique way


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Sea Treasures

original watercolor still life with shells, book, sea glass lamp:14"w x 12"h

Blue skies
Tybee tides
Sea treasures fine

This friendly clime
I've come to find
Is Georgia
Sweet Georgia on my mind......


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Musically Inclined/Brass Trio

original musical motif watercolor/brass trio: 15"w x 18"h

menage a trois

if the trombone’s in charge

the trumpet won’t play

the horn won’t say

if he’ll go or stay

such is the way

our world behaves today

compromise is out

dissonance has clout

there could be peace and harmony

‘cause trios can play charming-ly


Brass Class

Its a well known fact

That a trio of brass

Is hard to beat

In terms of class.

And favorite things

Are not much better

Not chocolate or cheese cake

Nor lobster or steak

Not mountains or beaches

Nor clear spring-fed lakes

Not cool drinks in summer

Nor hot drinks in winter

Not even sun-showers

That grow my sunflowers

The one thing that’s better

Than a classy Brass Trio

would certainly be

A Mozart Horn Solo..


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Musical Props

original watercolor still life with accordion/clarinet: 22"w x 18"h

Musical Props

accordion to the donkey

the clarinet is NOT honky

and says the donkey

the accordion’s not wonky

but, admits he

it depends on, you see

who’s got the chops

and who’s playin’ those dots

and the keys on these

two instruments, if you please

he notes as he trots

through the musical props


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Poppy Poser

original watercolor still life with Matisse fabric and poppy

17"w x 15"h

Molly’s Packrat

the fact is this

(it cannot be missed)

Molly follows her bliss

painting day and night

‘til she gets her work right

then hands it to me

when it’s ready to mat

saying you can do that

then put it in the pack

on the “For Sale” rack


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Molly and Matisse

watercolor still life in progress

Molly’s Folly

Molly works out

it’s plain to see

just look at that sleek

leg and furry knee

she stays in top shape

‘cause she knows it makes

her creative self soar

through the work she adores

drawing and painting

it’s never a chore!


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  1. What a lovely kitty posing for you to paint her! Such a diva, she must be!!! Nice painting Bertie.

  2. na, she's just taking a break from painting her still life...she is a diva, though!
    she wouldn't stay in that position long enough for me to try a painting of her... I can barely get a pic of her!