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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Watercolors by Pennsylvania Daily Painter Bertie Brown / Art is Instrumental

Musically Inclined/Horn, Beethoven Bust

original watercolor still life with horn, Beethoven Bust: 22"w x 18"h

Chicken Tricks

You cannot be chicken

If you play french horn

Unless you are thinkin’

You’d like a good lickin’

When that horn does balk

The right note, it squawks

And Beethoven rolls over

As you shrug your shoulder


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The Poem, The Work

Beethoven First

which comes first

the notes, the words, the work?

what comes next

the painting or the text?

was that horn, upset forlorn

‘til Ludwig’s motive was born

...da da da dum...

o -oh Ludwig knew

the horn could play the tune...

roll over Beethoven

the horn defers to you


all roads lead to Beethoven

Sophie’s Victory

Sophie came by

With that look in her eyes

She was on a mission

To get the commission

We turned on our tunes


Music filled the room

Was that Ludwig V

And Wellington’s Victory?

A recording so rare

It’s almost never played

On the air, or anywhere

Sophie said, “ Hey, let’s stop rambling

We gotta get scrambling

We’ve a horn to paint

And Beethoven’s face

Before we get bored

Exhausted or faint!”

She was anxious and ready

to set a fast pace

I said slow and steady

will win this race

Sophie just sighed

And rolled her beautiful

Big blue eyes

Alright, okay

You get your way.....

We’ll let you all know

When the work’s fit to show!


still life set up and painting gear......

Pepper Policy

original watercolor still life with peppers: 14"w x 11"h

Stew For Two

the policy of peppers

is to never be schleppers

to keep up with the pack

else they end up lying back

in a rich Brunswick Stew

that's gonna be ready

in a minute or two


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Poppy Politics

original watercolor still life with poppy: 17"w x 15"h

Poppy Politics

and the poppy said

to the pitcher and the egg

can’t we all just try

to lay our views aside

let’s get along today

‘cause that is the better way

to live in harmony

whether left or right we be...


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Pepper Patter

original watercolor still life/peppers: 14"w x 11"h

Patter Chatter

pitter patter

pepper chatter

what’s the news

and latest reviews

who just got sacked

was told to get packed

and leave with his knives

despite all his cries

yes, you know the show

we watch from our bowl

and grateful are we

‘cause we’re posers, see

our owner just paints

so we’ll not be braised

nor found on your plates!


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Musically Inclined/Horn
original watercolor musical motif/Horn: 6"w x 10"h
Musically Inclined/Tuba
original watercolor musical motif/tuba: 6"w x 10"h
Musically Inclined/Horn
original watercolor musical motif/horn: 15"w x 18"h

Rose Red

original watercolor floral/rose: 8"w x 10"h

What Women Want

does a rose

tell the tale

of romantic soft nights

or a let’s make-up plea

for that last petty fight

either way

I think I speak

for the many choc’late freaks

just give me a brownie

or rich home-made fudge

and I’ll give you more

than a kiss and a hug!


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Rose Roses

original watercolor floral/rose: 9"w x 12"h

Valentine Time

roses are red

or so it’s said

and if they’re not

then we’ve still got

a gift to say

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Musically Inclined/Horn

original abstract musical motif watercolor/horn: 14"w x 11"h

Bobbie Corno

an alias don’cha know

doesn’t tiptoe around

like others he’s found

but plays out right proud

and oft’ times quite loud

‘cause really, why doubt

and muffle about

with 16 feet of tubing

and a bell worthy of spewing

forth plenty of sound

more beauteous, unbound

than others hands down!


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Musically Inclined/Horn

original abstract musical motif/horn: 11"w x 14"h

Kazoo for You

Practice makes better

But perfect?

Not ever...

Especially if horn playing

Is what you can do

You’ll prob’ly improve

But that’s questionable, too

My advice to you

Buy a French Horn Kazoo!


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Water Music/OBX

original watercolor seascape/OBX: 14"w x 10"h

Sophie's OBX

oh to be

by the sea

where a warm gentle breeze

nudges me

and Sophie

just to sit peacefully ...


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Water Music/OBX

original watercolor seascape/OBX: 9 1/2"w x 6 1/2"h


oh to be

by the sea

just my fam’ly and me

sunblocked nose

bug sprayed toes

sunning responsibly

grasses sway

sand dunes say

join all nature at play

roaring surf

sandy turf

it’s an OBX day!


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Musically Inclined/Violins

original abstract musical motif watercolor/violins: 16"w x 15"h

Things Strings Sing

do strings

have wings

‘cause they’re glorious things

do they sing

as they cling

to the bow as it flows

o’re the bridge

if you please

with the greatest of ease


do they screech

as they seek

that high note on the staff

do they laugh

at the thought

of the job they just lost...


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Musically Inclined/Sax

original abstract musical motif watercolor/sax: 10"w x 14"h

Line Design

It could be a lax

yakkity sax

or just a design

suspended in time


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