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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Watercolor Still Life, Land-City Scapes, Musical Motif Paintings by Daily Painter Bertie Brown

Poppy Pizzicato

original watercolor floral/poppy: 8"w x 10"h

Orange Blaze Poppy Craze!

Sophie and I are ecstatic and delighted

We’ve made a discovery

And we’re so excited

Our poppies are budding

Poking up from their beds

With fuzzy green heads

And we just can’t wait

For a plein air painting date

When they pop out of their skins

And we settle in

For a quick painting session

As we compose our impressions...

Petticoats dancing

Leggy stems prancing

Blue centers waving

Orange petals blazing.....

We’ve gotta be greedy

With our time and be speedy

Cause Poppies don’t last

So we gotta paint fast!


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Sophie's Picnic

original still life watercolor with pitcher, daffodils, oranges: 17" x 17"

Sophie and I

Are enjoying this fine weather

With temps in the 70’s

It couldn’t be better!

This sweet summer prelude

Has put us in the mood

For picnics at brunch

That last until lunch

Our silly girl talks

Become lazy long walks

Then quick jaunty jogs

In our sporty running togs

Return us home safe

Where nap-time awaits!


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Daffodil Daze

original floral watercolor/daffodils: &7"w x 11"h

Sophie’s First Daffodil

As Sophie and I

Went out for our walk

We sang silly songs

And giggled and talked

Till we came to a hill

And there by the way

Bloomed a lone daffodil

A perky yet mellow

Friendly little fellow

We bent down to sniff

The petals just a bit

But I must confess

Though our sniffers did their best

We didn’t smell a thing

Except perhaps

A bit of Spring..........!


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Savannah's Bonaventure

original watercolor landscape/Bonaventure Cemetery: 12"w x 12"h

Like most things Savannah

there’re places you hafta’

check out despite

the buggers that bite

Bonaventure’s a sight

that mustn’t be missed

it’s moss draped and sun-kissed

and high on my list

of tourist-y fav’rites

but do be forewarned

it’s next to a salt marsh

where bugs wait in swarms


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St. Patty's Day on Jones

original watercolor cityscape/Savannah: 11"w x 14"h

St Patty's Day on Jones

is a big deal don't ya know

it's celebrated for a week

Bangers and Mash is what's to eat

and their drink is green beer

so of course everywhere

there's lots of good cheer!


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Savannah on Jones

original watercolor city scape/Jones St., Savannah: 11"w x 14"h

oh Annabelle and I

love blue Savannah skies

a warm and friendly clime

where spanish mosses sway

draped o’re live oak archways

that line most city streets

and shade us from the heat

where gardens lush and fine

thrive almost all the time

and fountains sing their songs

of goodwill all day long

But one thing that we hate

when sleeping bugs awake

and make the big mistake

of thinking that we taste

just like praline pancakes

and gather up en-mass

to break their night-time fast

and feast upon our skin

from toes to chinny-chins!


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Dollars and Sense

original watercolor still life with sand dollars, books, lamp: 17"w x 15"h

oh to be

by the sea

on a day such as this

would it be

could it be

just the ultimate bliss....

treasures free

(there’s no fee)

in the ocean abyss

and these finds

so sublime

become still lifes of mine


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Musically Inclined/Jazz

original musical motif watercolor/Sax, Trumpet, Clarinet: 15"w x 18"h

Saxi-phone Facts

It’s a well known fact

our jazz-ical sax

is a woodwind that’s

disguised in brass

and so it goes

with both of those

a trumpet made of brass

a clarinet with class

a Sax with lots of sass

gathering together

to play what we call Jazz


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The BMSO has chosen my Musically Inclined/Violin painting for the background of their 2011/2012 promotional fliers!

Swan Song/Violin, Poppy

original watercolor still life with poppy, violin, oranges: 18"w x 15"h

and the poppy sang along

to the violin’s swan song

while the citrus in box seats

wearing pastel couture chic

whispered out their pleased Bravo

as the violin bowed low

‘cause that poppy stole the show!


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