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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2011 Postings by Pennsylvania Daily Painter Bertie Brown - Art is Instrumental

Tea For One

original watercolor still life with tea pot: 18"w x15"h

Tea For One Till Winter’s Done

tea for 1

that’s it

I’m done

autumn’s gone

will spring soon come?

a dollar here

and 2 more there

could buy some thoughts

should they be bought?

for pennies can’t

buy 1 small rant-

“I’m done with snow!”

(rant free, ya know)


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Water Music

original watercolor spring landscape: 6"w x 5"h

Tuff Stuff

There once was a spring breeze named Sough

Not harsh nor decidedly tough

He nudged winter’s huff

Said “pick up your stuff”

And blew it away with a puff!


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Musically Inclined/Brass Trio

original abstract musical motif watercolor/brass trio: 15"w x 18"h

Wild and Crazy Girls

my wild and crazy girls

sporting color, curves and curls

are ready to play

the trio of the day

creatively doing it their way...


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Musically Inclined/Violins

original abstract musical motif watercolor/violins: 15"w x 18"h

No viol-ins here

just colorful cheer

and lines to suggest

a quartet of guests


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Musically Inclined/ Violins

original watercolor abstract musical motif/violins: 11" x 11"

Suzuki Sophie

Sophie and I

are thinking about time

like when we’ll begin

our ‘Suzuki’ violin

of course it’s too soon

for the violin or bassoon

but we’ll be much older

by early October

for now, ‘though, we’ll pound

on some pots we have found...


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Horn Adorned

original watercolor musical motif/horn: 11" x 11"

Spring Musical

oh spring

is the thing

we hope for in November

long for in December

lose in January

right through February

cry for in March

die for in April

can’t wait one more day

for the merry month of May

and still cold temps cling

to every bloomin’ thing!

so when the month of June

bursts suddenly into view

I look at her and smile

and bid stay with me awhile...


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Sax Facts

original watercolor musical motif/sax: 9"w x 11"h

Saxi-phone Facts

It’s a fact

our jazz-ical sax

is a woodwind that’s

disguised in brass


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String Fling
original watercolor musical motif/violins: 9"w x 11"h
More Play
original watercolor musical motif /trumpet: 9"w x 10"h

Just Play

original watercolor abstract/horn: 11" x 11"

Just Play

Sophie and I

are through with restraint

we’re set up and eager

to throw down some paint

our free style technic

lets happy accidents speak

and then just like that

we shout out hoo-ray!

a horn came our way

and sat down to play!


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Beethoven or Bust

original watercolor still life with Beethoven Bust: 15"w x 18"h

Beethoven or Bust

Just Sophie and me

working busily

on a still life that must

have a Beethoven bust

a violin with bow

and a keyboard also

we turn on some tunes

to get in the groove

a Baby Einstein CD

of Beethoven symphonies

those melodies and harmonies

and motives ingeniously

sing drama and passion

that’s always in fashion


Sophie and I know

there’s just nothing better

than creating together!


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Sophie's a Doll

original watercolor still life with doll: 15" x 15"

The Dynamic Duo

Sophie and BB

we’re busy indeed

with sledding

trike trekking

and shov’ling snow, too

we use up our morning

we have so much to do

then piano and drumming

and toy guitar strumming

and finally it’s lunching

while humming and munching

then on to our painting

with Beethoven playing

da da da dummmm

our nap-time soon comes

we’ve got to get that done

we sleep pretty quick

‘cause next on the list

a thing we can’t miss

it’s Symphony at three

they’re playing Brahms one

and Beethoven, too

Piano Concerto 4

our favorites for sure

oh the Fulton’s the place

to end our fast pace

get lost in the sounds

of great music in our town!


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On the Rocks

original maritime watercolor: 9"w x 11"h

On the Rocks

oh my Sophie and me

we’d much rather be

on the rocks

by the docks

of Cape Ann by the Sea

and when a Nor’easter

those bellowing blows

nips at our keasters

our noses and toes

we’d just hold on tight

as it wails day and night

then blows out to sea

on or about day number three....


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On the Rocks

original maritime watercolor/Rockport, MA: 9"w x 11"h

On the Rocks

original maritime watercolor/Rockport, MA: 11"w x 14"h

Sleeping Beauty

original watercolor child's portraits

ahhh little Annabelle

we confess

we don’t know you well

but you may have guessed

we love you all the same

‘cause we share our last name

and soon yes we know

we’ll see how you’ve grown

since the day you arrived

under sunny Savannah skies

in three months or less

we’ll see your progress

oo and ah o’er your tricks

of course we will think

you’re the bees knees in pink

‘cause we’re adoring fans

since your new life began


Good Heavens

It’s 2000-eleven!

Where did that old year go

Sophie and I just want to know!

It was over so quick

we didn’t have time to think

And now we’ve gotta catch up

Our paintings need poems

Either long or abrupt

So please don’t interrupt

Till our Pork and Saurkraut Sup!


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