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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rockport MA Harbor Seascape Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Rockport MA Harbor
original watercolor seascape/Rockport, MA : 9" x 12"

Buoy Joy
Buoys will be buoys
In all shapes and sizes
Just like us girls
Despite our disguises
Buoys are like boxers
Ducking and weaving
Treading ocean waters
With strong currents heaving
The stripes that they wear
Go round and around
They look quite rotund
 But they don’t much care
They do a sun dance
Giving tides not a glance
They’re anchored from below
And they won’t let go
They do their job joyously

Behaving so buoy-ishly!
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