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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Impressionistic Floral, Vegetables, Seascapes, etc...by Daily Painter Bertie Brown

Golf Logix

original watercolor landscape/golf course: 7"h x 11"w

addicted and afflicted

golfers are funny

their demeanors rarely sunny

it seems they’re addicted

and undeniably afflicted

with an un-named disease

or “condition” if you please

that affects their whole being

and fogs up their seeing

when out on the course

where a high score’s the source

of a golfer’s remorse......


Amber Waves of Grain

original watercolor landscape with fields and barn: 11"w x 7"h

Summer Beginnings

Lancaster County’s fertile ground

It’s color a rich-hued cocoa brown

Yielding fields of ripened summer wheat

A vision of cinnamon so sweet

Sprinkled atop golden buttered toast....

The morning sun a perfect host

To celebrate the season I like the most


OBX Overtures
original watercolor sunset seascape/OBX: 11"w x 7"h
Mid-Summer Romance

A time to relax

To look forward, think back...

Jasmine and Honeysuckle

Scents of seduction

Flirting Firefly winks

Quick bursts of combustion

Warm summer nights

A cashmere caress

Sun-draped daylight

Cotton gauze, dazzling white

It’s summer’s sun-dance


My summer romance.....


original watercolor floral, sunflower: 7"w x 11'h
original watercolor floral, sunflower: 7"w x 11"h


original watercolor floral, sunflower: 7"w x 11"h

OBX Overtures

original impressionistic watercolor seascape/OBX: 11"w x 7"h

Fond Farewells


So long, adieu

We're sad to leave this great view

What a treat to be here

With the ocean so near.

So we say our good-byes

To the wild waves and tides.

Though we won’t miss the winds....

That’s a whole ‘nother thing!



original impressionistic watercolor floral/sunflowers: 11"w x 14"h

Home Again

Golden sunflowers have welcomed me home.

What a change from blue-green tides

And white sea-foam!

l’ll miss the rumbling surf

Now I’m home on Lancaster County turf.

But I’ll cherish the treasures

Of sun, sand and sea pleasures,

With memories of family time

Which cannot be measured............



original impressionistic watercolor floral/sunflowers: 7"w x 11"

A Lancaster County Farm

With Golden Guernsey Charm....

Fields of corn and wheat

Orderly and straight

A house tidy, neat

A picket fence and gate

A big red barn

Guernsey cows and Guinea hens

Support the farm

From their stalls and pens

And sunflowers grow tall

To welcome one and all...



original watercolor floral/ impressionistic sunflowers: 7 1/2"w x 9"h

Plein Air Posers

Sophie and I

Are painting plein air

Under bright sunny skies

On a day so fair

Our sunflowers primp and preen

While we apply the sunscreen

Then get right to work

As we quench our paper’s thirst

With lots of water, that’s our technic

‘Cause happy accidents are what we seek!

Bleeding colors, water marks

Lights contrasting with darkest darks...

Working quickly, we’re in a hurry

(We try not to worry

Will this be a keeper

Or one we will bury?)

Well, Sophie girl

What do you think

She nodded and smiled

And gave me a wink!


Veggie Tails

original watercolor still life with vegetables: 8"w x 9"h

Veggie Tales

A Vegetable Tail

Is the tip of a root

That thrived as it grew

Hidden from view

Though some roots are inedible

Others taste incredible...

From the stem to the tail

A few never fail

To brighten my plate

With flavor so great!

(I’m excluding kale

But that’s a whole 'nother tale)


Pepper Polka

Peppers here, peppers there

Peppers poppin’ everywhere

Some are yellow

Some serene green

All are mellow

Laid back fellows

Let’s not stop

With that mild lot

Let’s get HOT

And that means RED

The big red bell?

Well, probably not

But you can tell

Those small hot shots

Are packin’ heat

That’s tough to beat!


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  1. Wow! Your paintings are beautiful! I love the colors that you use.