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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Pepper Platter Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Pepper Platter

original watercolor peppers/sunflowers: 10" x 14"

as summer reclines

in translucent honey haze

autumn comes alive

with transparent amber days

inky blue nights

fill infinite skies

cool winds collide

pushing summer aside

from translucent to transparent

these transitions are inherent 

seasons come and they go

with their foibles quite apparent 



Welcome Autumn Banner Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Welcome Autumn 

original bertie brown banner

with summer concludin'

my house is exudin'

a welcoming style

so do come on in

and visit awhile

I’ll put on some tunes

how’s Beethoven for you?

and we can create

our own unique view

with a banner or two



Sunny Soiree Sunflower Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Sunny Soiree

original watercolor sunflowers: 10" x 15"

Good Vibrations

I love the way

on a late Autumn day

 the sun reaches down

to gather around

my sunflower girls

with their gold-yellow curls

and their skirts made of leaves

swaying in the breeze...

The birds of the air

and the insects working there

create a vibration

a vibrato celebration

as they all harmonize

their praise to the skies...

I’m thankful to be

by this shimmering sea

and grateful to hear

this music of the spheres



Monday, September 6, 2021

Garden D-Light Landscape Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Gardenm D-Light
original watercolor landscape: 10" x 15"

may autumn come gentler
o’er dew glittered morns
meandering zephyrs
fall-ish adorned
it’s time to embrace
this summer’s demise
the sun’s fading grace
and hazy blue skies
autumness comes
routinely, you see
it’s time to move on
what will be will be


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Pepper-Azzi Watercolors by Bertie Brown


original watercolor w/veggies, peppers: 10" x 15"

And the pepper said

to her buddies green 'n red

why can’t we simply try

to lay our views aside

let’s get along today

‘cause that’s the better way

to live in peace and harmony

will benefit us all, you see



Thursday, August 26, 2021

Pepper Plaza Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Pepper Plaza

original watercolor veggies/peppers" 10" x 15"

Cold Front

The windows I’m closin’

my veggies need  hosin’

it’s blisterin hot

not one cold spot

‘cept here in the store

by the frozen freezer door

where I pretend to stock up

on creamsicle pops

but truth to be told

it’s just good to feel cold!



Summer Stock Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Summer Stock

original watercolor veggies: 9" x 12"

Harmo-nious Perso-nious

went out for a run 

this very fine day

had lots to be done

stuff that gets in the way

of some fun in the sun

but nature’s libretto

called out ceremo-nious

in pleasing vibrato

a sound tremolo-nious

twas something I sought to

experience in perso-nious

and when I got done

on this very fine day

from my run in the sun

I was all tuned up and completely harmo-nious