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Methods and Madness

Sometimes I paint fast and loose

Other times quite controlled

The subject decides the method

But each work has the same goal:

A painting that is successful

And beautiful to behold!


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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Posers Watercolors by Bertie Brown


original watercolor still life w/tulips: 9" x 12"

there’s def’nitely

a space for me

in this new year

as this I see 

more work to do

with more thought to

creative ways

that hit the mark

of ending well

 a well thought start



Saturday, January 28, 2023

BuzzStop Watercolors by Bertie Brown



original wastercolor w/bees, sunflowers: 9" x 12"

what ho

Sophie and I 

just want to know

who switched off the heat

and dimmed the lights low

where are the wool socks for our feet

our cashmere sweaters and turtlenecks

who said summer could retreat?

we are cold and so distressed

why can’t winter last one week

it’s time I guess

to hibernate 

until next June

please come back soon..



Thursday, January 26, 2023

Players Instrumental Watercolors by Bertie Brown


original watercolor instrumental, horn/ trumpet: 17" x 22"

Bobbie Corno

an alias don’cha know

doesn’t tiptoe around

like others he’s found

but plays out right proud

and oft’ times quite loud

‘cause really, why doubt

and fumble about

with 16 feet of tubing

and a bell worthy of spewing

forth plenty of sound

more beauteous, unbound

than others, hands down!



Friday, January 20, 2023

ComBuzztion Sunflower Watercolors by Bertie Brown


original watercolor sunflowers, bees: 9" x 12"

Bloom Anew

BB says

I hope and pray that soon

BB says

my kindred month of June

Bb says

will hum it’s friendly tune

as it brings summer anew

so my sunflowers can bloom

I will laugh at last 

‘cause she’s come back

fair weather in her sack!



Saturday, January 14, 2023

Bootcamp Watercolors by Bertie Brown


original watercolor sunflwoers/boots: 9" x 12"


cheers to beginnings

for 2000- twenty three

I do hope my paintings

do more than succeed

so here’s to good starts

what e're they may be

as paper and paint

spread out before me

may each have a touch

of magic I trust

as bravely I wield 

my pencils and brush



Friday, January 13, 2023

These Boots Watercolors by Bertie Brown

 These Boots

original watercolor sunflower. boots: 9" x 12"

Sophie says

I really cannot wait 

Sophie says

for a sunny day

Sophie says

probably in late May

when the winter will be over

meadows will burst forth in clover

we will paint plein air

in fields so fair

we hope to see you there!



Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Van Cleve-ish Watercolors by Bertie Brown

Van Cleve-ish

original watercolor still life w/sunflowers, shoes: 9" x 12"

Fine Whine

my sister says

you are gonna get it

my sister says

 you get a weather credit

my sister says

when this winter has been bedded

and the spring is this way headed

it will be so fine

the temps so kind you’ll  renounce all your whine...